Night Two as Christine: The Rest of the Story

by kjensen22 on February 26, 2012

I went on as Christine the next night, Sunday Feb 19, 2012, but under vastly different circumstances.

Jakarta had its way with me, hitting hard and fast the morning after my debut. There’s really no way to know for sure, but I suspect it was either the strawberries in my dessert or the Big Mac someone ordered me for dinner. Ugh. I spent the majority of the next day in bed and in the bathroom – sick as a dog with an intestinal stomach bug. My colleague had soldiered through several performances in that state & was still unwell.

With both of us sick, lead and understudy, our producer had a difficult decision to make – who would go on as Christine?

The show must go on.

I was the lucky winner of that contest.

So, I girded my loins – literally and figuratively! – and headed over to the theater, still very, very sick. That night was a victory of another kind – I got up on stage and got through that three hour show! I hadn’t been able to keep anything down all day except a few crackers and some water. By the end of Act 1, I could drink a little vitamin water and had more energy. I prayed hard. Two men from my church had come over earlier in the day to give me a blessing of healing and comfort. Others prayed. I gave it my best. I didn’t have the advantage of having worked the role into muscle memory over and over during the rehearsal process, and there were some slips. But somehow I was mostly able to be in the moment as Christine. I was still able to sing. It was a little lighter than normal, but my voice held together. Fortunately, my body did too, once I got up on stage.

Another miracle. Of an entirely different kind.

Stay tuned for the next post about Jakartan Revenge & the Slightly Scary Doctor’s Visit


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