La vie bohème

by kjensen22 on September 4, 2014

Dawn is breaking over England as we circle above the clouds at Heathrow. We’re about to head down.

I am coming home.

I tried to send through a blog post while at JFK, but the Boingo Hotspot kept booting me out of the session –frustrating, and completely in sync with the rest of D-Day (Day of Departure). September 3 was a real doozy – a veritable comedy of errors. Let’s just say it was just like going through an absolutely disastrous dress rehearsal right before opening night. And I mean disastrous. Fortunately, I managed to get everything wrapped up, thanks to my roommates and a couple NYC yellow cab drivers. But I GOT ON THAT FLIGHT.

As I looked out the window 6 hours in and saw the first hint of dawn and Dublin in the distance, I was overcome with emotion. Gratitude. Awe. Wonder. Love. This has been MY DREAM. And I’m now LIVING IT. The dream of my heart, to travel Europe doing what I love, seeing friends, meeting new people, living an adventure. The true path of my heart and my purpose.

This whole thing started as a thrilling thought when my roommate Betse announced she was leaving for China to teach English and travel the world. I started dreaming again . . . and dreaming . . . and pretty soon I was giggling with glee at the idea of throwing my sails to the wind and heading off to Europe. Europe! For two months! And busking! What an adventure! It’s something I had thought about doing a year or two ago, but the timing wasn’t right.

This time, however, I found myself having wrapped up an amazing, intense two-year acting course at the William Esper Studio, working as an administrative assistant at a top-notch finance firm in NYC, teaching voice lessons, and feeling just . . . restless. Everything in me said, “Girl, this may be crazy & out-there, but this is IT.” My whole being lit up and came ALIVE every time I thought about it, talked about it. And the more the idea marinated in my spirit, the more it felt like this WAS the next step in my life’s journey. I felt compelled to move forward.

So here we are. After months of preparation, thinking, planning.

The journey kicks off in London, my spiritual home. A place with great meaning in my life.

From here, my itinerary is roughly mapped out – I’ll be meeting up with friends throughout the UK, heading to Paris in mid-September, then on to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece. Maybe Prague. Maybe Norway. Got to fill in those details pretty soon!

But I’m here. I’m safe. I’m alive. I’m tuckered out. And I’m absolutely thrilled.

Much love,




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Maria Petrova September 4, 2014 at 11:12 PM

Thrilled for you! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures!


Amy September 8, 2014 at 10:02 PM



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